Hey guys! I think it’s definitely time for a little update. I’ve been trying to think of what to do with this comic recently and for now I believe I know what it is to me.

EVALLA is my passion project. I’m good with deadlines when it comes to paid work and projects, and this webcomic has been doable as well, but I lost some of the personal charm that I had initially while creating it since I totally rushed the storytelling in Chapter 3. I don’t want to half-ass it and I don’t plan on publishing it any time soon. This is purely a fun projection of creative exploration for myself. I have big plans for the story and I want to tell it the way I envision it. The characters are all based around positive and negative aspects I deal with in my life and this is my…way of trying to understand how to deal with everything I guess.

Once I’m back from my excursion around Europe in June I’ll aim for weekly releases again but it will just be in my spare time as a means of self-reflection, so no promises. I’ve been working nonstop to improve on my storytelling since I feel like I took a few steps backwards during the planning of the previous Chapter. There are some great things ahead that I’m ecstatic about and I want EVALLA to be one of those things. I’ll post when I can and I can’t wait to share the work I’m doing.

Thanks for reading!