And that’s a wrap for Chapter 3!! Also it’s a fitting day to end a Chapter as it’s the exact date of the 1 year anniversary of the comic! Woo!

If you’ve read through you may have noticed the art style has shifted a bit as I’ve gotten a little quicker at my niche cartoony style. For Chapter 4 my goal is to take a bit of a step back from going fast and focus on details, since I’m planning quite a lot in terms of backgrounds and extra characters. I wanna tighten the form of my main cast as well, though you can look forward to some slight wardrobe changes again next Chapter! There’ll be a slight delay/hiatus as I get back on my feet between chapters but once it starts up it’ll be weekly again! I just wanna make sure this Chap is really well thought out and not rushed like this one was. Peace out peeps and thanks for reading! There’s lots to come!